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Forex Trading

Forex is a new avenue which has been opened at the exchange traded platform for investors other than those having their exposure in the foreign exchange. We provide regularly updates to the clients and tips to them for the movements in the foreign exchange transactions.

Saving & Investment

Saving & Investment management is the professional management of various securities and assets to meet specified investment goals for investors. We are proud of being able to offer personalized and reliable services to our clients and assist them in investments.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an advisory service provided by the finance industry. Although financial planning is not a new concept, it just needs to be conducted in organized manner. Financial Planner on other hand is a service provider which enables an individual to select proper product mix for achieving their goals.

IT Services

We offer innovative IT solutions for financial services. We take the full responsibility for the solution’s functionality and make sure that all regulatory requirements are fulfilled by setting up next-generation financial services for you. We support a variety of business systems at insurance companies.including contract management, sales support, and client management.

Diversified Funding Solutions

We offer a wide range of funding solutions and can assist you in developing a strong and financially sound business. Our team of financial experts can help you choose the right option to meet and surpass your goals.Our team of financial experts can help you choose the right option to meet, surpass your goals and satisfy every individual goal of your business.

Micro finance

We provide microfinance service to people and provide financial assistance. People's access to financial services such as credit and insurance will lead to economic empowerment. We cater to the needs of unbanked and marginalized people with services such as savings, loans, domestic funds transfer, and other financial services that are needed by the economically underprivileged.